Mountain Ash Farm


Newly Opened Boutique Retreat at the foot of the Niagara Escarpment offering luxurious rooms, fabulous views and year round fun.


Mind and Body Wellness Weekend - November 29/13

Initiating our special Weekend Getaways Series with HOLISTIC WELLNESS in mind. From Friday November 29 to Sunday December 1st our theme will be Mind and Soul Wellness to help us energize ourselves for a busy Holiday Season ahead. Karmic DNA will be the message presented by Rose Saroyan. Understanding our own strengths and challenges together with how they interplay with our partners, children, parents and siblings. You will be better prepared to deal with the family dynamic over the holidays after the enlightenment provided with this programme.

We will balance mind/soul with introduction to NIA Expressive Movement, a freeing aerobic workout. Nia utilizes great music to stir creative and interpretive movement without the "Simon Says" of the ordinary aerobics class. It is all up to the individual which level you wish to "get the energy flowing" that is uplifting and energizing for the soul.

There will options available if your partner prefers to hike, shop, read, paint or meditate. We also have a fully equipped gym and a Spa option as well, featuring InfraRed Sauna, Steam Bath, and Hot tub.  Register for our Newsletter - we will be hosting events throughout the winter to shake the humdrum out of your everyday in a luxuriously pampered way.


Special Introductory Price - $350 per person including 2-nts accommodation, meals and workshops. please reserve your spot by registering on "Make A BOOKING" tab of this website. We will contact you within 24-hours to confirm and provice details. Limited Single rooms available.